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  • Spiritual Weapons Handbook

    • $20.00

    Create a wall of protection the enemy cannot penetrate!

    after 25 years in spiritual warfare ministry, Gail Winter created and easy to use resource containing all the materials she had utilized in praying for others and battling the forces of hell. This collection of prayers, declarations, and teachings will help believers to blast the devil when he tries to derail their lives. With this book, you will...

    • Attain intimacy with the father
    • Take authority over the enemy
    • Learn to receive and hold onto healing
    • Understand what it means to "think right" and "speak right"

    Also included is a topical guide to spiritual warfare strategies, arranged alphabetically, that will address many needs of the believer. When problems and the attacks come calling, the believer will have a concise compilation of scripture to keep his or her thinking on course.

    Now, believers have a resource containing specific scriptures and biblical declarations that will help them to renew their minds and learn to think like God thinks.

    Spiritual Weapons Handbook