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  • Miracles of Healing - Volume 2

    • $40.00

    The power of God: the cure for all sickness and disease!

    In volume 2 of the miracles of healing series, Kenneth E. Hagin continues to explore the individual healings under Jesus' ministry, affirming that it is God's will to heal all people.

    He gives in-depth insight into the healings of this in centurion's servant and the "madman of Gadara", revealing that the power of God is the cure for every sickness and disease!

    it's time for us to believe in line with the word and get results! In this series, Rev. Hagin explains:

    • The vital role our faith plays in receiving healing
    • How we can stand our ground and not give the devil a foothold in our lives
    • How to use our God–given power and authority to command sickness and disease to leave
    • The Bible way to live in divine health by God's healing power
    Miracles of Healing - Volume 2