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  • Under The Influence

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    Jesus turn the water into wine, right?

    Didn't Paul say, "A little wine is good for the stomach's sake?"

    The issue of drinking alcohol is a well debated one in the church today, and the conclusion that most people have reached is, "It is simply a matter of moderation."

    But what does the Bible really say about drinking alcohol? And was the wine of Jesus' day the same as the alcoholic beverage of our day?

    In this book Keith Johnson dives into the Scriptures, studying the Hebrew and the Greek to help us have a better look at what the Bible does say about drinking alcohol. In the end, you will be able to see if it is simply a matter of moderation or principle.

    Keith Johnson is the pastor of one of Canada's most innovative churches. He has traveled extensively teaching pastors and leaders around the world the practical wisdom that is needed to be a scriptural shepherd and a spiritual father.

    Under The Influence