Faye Hardin

By Kingdom Keys

I heard Faye Hardin at Lighthouse Church in Amarillo on Thursday evening. During her talk, she said that Obama would be brought down. I also got an e-mail from a friend that related what a fellow from Canada said about Obama. He had predicted that within 6 months of Obama’s Presidency, the American people that elected him would realize what a mistake they had made. He made another prediction. He says that Obama will leave office before his term is over. How? He thinks that perhaps, the Democrats themselves will either figure out a way to remove him from office or render him a lame-duck, one-term President. These are interesting statements. I think it would be wonderful if the elections of 2010 reduced the Democrats to the minority Party in both houses of Congress, and then if the remaining Democrats began to loathe Obama so much that they wouldn’t support him on any of his agenda. That’s a best case scenario, in my opinion. If they concoct a plan, such as the illegitimacy of his birth the natural-born citizen issue, to remove him, that wouldn’t help the country to have to put up with goofy Joe Biden. Whatever happens politically, let’s pray that God will render him of no effect in order to save the country and preserve freedom. What do you think? Reply to the blog by going to our home page here and clicking the contact button.

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