Thursday 02/11/10


If you are a regular blog-reader, have you called yet to get your name in for a “before broadcast” drawing for a pair of Gaither Homecoming tickets.  The Homecoming Friends are coming to Lubbock on May 1, 2010.  I am going to draw 2 names for a pair of free tickets prior to announcing on the radio that I have these tickets.  I believe I am going to have this drawing on March 1st, which will be 2 weeks from Monday.  Call us to get your name in for this drawing.  The likelihood of getting drawn is bigger for blog-readers because there will be less names in the hat.  After I announce it on the radio, the names will multiply many times over.  So, call to get your name in now.

Be listening to the morning program on Monday and Tuesday for “live” call-in updates from Jeremy, who will be with about 40 to 45 others from Amarillo at Marti Gras in New Orleans.  Kingdom Keys Church chartered a bus to take the group down there.  They actually will leave today (Feb. 11th).  It is a very wicked place, and these folks are on their way down to shine the light of God in a dark, dark place.  

Thanks to all of you who contacted me via phone, U.S. mail, e-mail, Facebook, or face to face to wish me a Happy Birthday.  I got so many cards and notes in all those avenues that I was amazed.  I had no idea that so many people would think of me and take the time to contact me in some way.  There were many gifts, as well, including that big 42” flat screen TV that the church family gave me.  Thanks again everybody.  Makes me want to have another birthday.