Ricky Pfeil

Ricky Pfeil

Station Manager

Ricky's involvement in radio was a dream of his heart as a child in elementary school. The desire for preaching became strong when he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1966, at age 15. In neither “calling” did he make an effort to open doors for himself or his dreams. He cannot answer the question when someone asks how to get started in the ministry. “It just happened”, he says. God’s Word says if you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart.

His story is an example of the Lord doing exactly that. With no plan, he always ended up being around people, and places, where his dreams came to pass. He preached his first sermon at age 15, though he points to 1968 as the time in life he considers himself to be “in the ministry”.

About a month before his 19th birthday, he became a DJ at a Christian radio station. That ultimately led to the acquiring of a network of radio stations and translators that broadcast 24 hours a day today.

Diana Pfeil

Diana Pfeil


Diana Pfeil cannot remember a time in her life when she didn't know the Lord. She has always been consumed with walking with, and pleasing the Lord. God did not ordain that she only be a dedicated Christian wife of a church member with secular employment. She would have never been fulfilled apart from involvement in ministry.

She is not only a pastor’s wife, ministering side-by-side with her husband, but she is a skillful teacher of the Word herself. Having studied the Bible diligently, and consistently since youth, she has a deep understanding of the Word. From a youth, like Timothy, she has known the Holy Scriptures, which have made her a very wise woman.

She received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit at age 11, and never had a moment since then when she wasn’t possessed with an overwhelming desire to be in the center of God’s will. She is the perfect helpmeet in ministry to her husband Ricky.

Linda Elliott

Linda Elliott


Upon graduating high school, Linda moved to Tulsa, OK and attended Rhema Bible Training Center where she received her diploma in 1987. During her time at Rhema Bible Training Center, she was also employed at Willie George Ministries. Where she gleaned many things pertaining to children’s ministry, and worked in Church On The Move's children’s program in the early stages of the church. While working at Willie George Ministries, she met, and married her husband, Tim Elliott.

In 1990 the newly married couple left Tulsa and moved to Lindale, Texas to help Linda’s home church with children’s ministry for a brief time. After that, they moved to Camden, Arkansas to be children’s pastor’s, and since then, have held various positions in the church, including senior pastor’s.

Today, Linda works as the Office Secretary at Kingdom Keys Network, and also works with Michael on the Prisoner Outreach Program.

She resides in Amarillo, TX with husband Tim and two children, Joshua and Emily.

Farrell Griffin

Farrell Griffin

Radio Program Asst.

Growing up as a volunteer in her local church, with a family committed to church ministry, Farrell Griffin knew the Lord at an early age.

She is a native to the area, originally from Plainview, Texas, and later attended West Texas A&M University in Canyon. She and her husband, Garrett, both graduated with honors from West Texas A&M in 2006.

Farrell's degree in Mass Communications-Broadcasting opened doors with Kingdom Keys in 2007, as Kingdom Keys Church launched a weekly television broadcast.

Since Farrell joined the Kingdom Keys team in September 2007, she has contributed to the ministry through television, as well as radio shows. You can hear her Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 5-5:30pm on "Drive Time with Farrell."

When she's not working for Kingdom Keys, Farrell is enjoying life with her husband Garrett, and their 3 children. Reece, Farley, and Kit.

Johnnie Thomason

Johnnie Thomason

Public Relations Director

Johnnie Thomason rededicated his life in 1996, and has been passionately serving the Lord ever since. He has had a glorious marriage since 1987, with his wife Lori. Johnnie & Lori have two daughters, Cheyenne and Caitlyn.

Johnnie holds a Bachelor of Theology degree and is an ordained minister of the Gospel. The Thomason's previously served as youth ministers for twelve years, and Johnnie served in the office of an elder. They have been providing pre-marriage counseling, and officiating services since 1998.

In providing counseling, the Bible is their instruction manual, along with their life experiences.

Johnnie, also known as "Little Johnnie", co-hosts The Morning Show with Ricky on Tuesday mornings, and fills in while he's out of town.

Johnnie also manages the Community Information Program along with Ricky Pfeil.

Johnnie, Lori, and Caity host "Music with a Message" every Thursday night.

Michael Shelton

Michael Shelton

Production Asst.

Michael Shelton was born and raised in Amarillo. He handles most of the production of the radio programs here at Kingdom Keys and he is the "Voice In The Night" heard throughout the night. Michael also hosts the "Prisoner Outreach Program" on Tuesday nights.

Michael gave his life to the Lord in 2009 he came on board at Kingdom Keys, he worked in several different restaurants.

Michael and his wife "Letty" also serve in the church by working in the Children's Church Ministry.